To be considered for representation please send a CV, headshot and or spotlight link


We are NOT currently accepting submissions for Playwrights and Screenwriters. Follow us on social media to be the first to hear about when our books are open!

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Please note: We do accept representation submissions from all over the country! 


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What do our clients say about us?


"North Artist Management is a brilliant agency! They have given me multiple opportunities within the industry since graduating drama school. They helped me to secure my first job within the industry under a month after graduating - it has been amazing! Without them I would never have known about the company I now work for. They are supportive and extremely productive when it comes to understanding the type of castings I would like to be considered for - they are so knowledgeable about the industry. I am very happy that the agents listen to my goals as a performer. They do their absolute best to make these happen! They are constantly keeping in-touch with me as a client and most importantly they ensure I am generally happy!"

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